Wildkat at Shemuscle Pumping up, Posing and Getting Naked

We’re back from Shemuscle and we’ve got an awesome professional muscle girl to show off to you today! The famous WildKat came to visit us at the shemuscle gym for an awesome workout today. She puts in nothing but hard work in the gym and her musclemass is outstanding. It’s no doubt that she’s a professional IFBB female bodybuilder. Anyway, we decided to have a little fun with Wildkat and get her naked while working out. It was pretty spectacular I must say. If you’re ready for it we’ve got a few pictures for you are her sweating, showing off her biceps, tits and clit. The Shemuscle Wildkat video is fucking awesome. A must see for sure! But before you go, I’m sure you want abs just like wild kat right? Well, we have the answers to that as well because we know all the best fat burners to use! We’ve used them all so check out what we think is awesome!

Shemuscle Videos

Breanna at Shemuscle Flexing Naked


Breanna is flexing her shemuscle in her equipment room. Not only is this babe packed with shemuscle but she is also incredibly flexible as well, and has no problem showing off every single inch of her luscious body besides her muscles. You’ll be delighted once you get a good look at her face and realize that she is not just another body building chick but actually is cute and sexy too, with nice perky breasts to go along with her shemuscle. And don’t forget about that extremely tight ass on her, one that could probably bend some rebar if it had to.

Female Body Builder Rachel

shemuscle rachel d

Female body builder Rachel D may not have the biggest guns in the club, but she sure knows how to work them. This stripper knows how to work a crowd using only her body and wants to show you all of her favorite moves, in the bedroom of course. She slinks out of her barely there dress and shows her sculpted body in all of its glory, from her fun bags to her incredibly toned thighs and ass. Her tits aren’t too hard and hang softly against her chest, making you want to reach out and grab them before ravishing this amazing body.

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Sexy Muscle Bunny Video

shemuscle bunny
MuscleBunny has never been ashamed of her body and she is not exactly shy about showing it off. While she is at the gym she wears tiny shorts and tank tops so that everyone can see her girlish figure along with her sculpted physique. She loves to tease the boys by posing during her workout, making sure to stick out her tits and ass and show off those biceps. She even finds her fingers under her panties from time to time, giving her sweet pussy a nice little rub for anyone who is kind enough to pay attention to her little show.

SheMuscle Bunny

Muscle Girl Sophia Sweet

shemuscle sophia

Sweet Sophia is a rock hard ebony goddess with biceps that will make you weep with joy. She looks stunning in her incredibly tight black leather bustier, hugging her rock hard tits and arms like her own skin, but it’s when she takes it off and you can see her incredibly sculpted body that you really start to appreciate this gorgeous body builder. She wants to show herself off and quickly takes off all of her clothes and shows exactly how perfect her chiseled physique is. From her toned abs to her long curvaceous calves and legs Sweet Sophia really does have it going on in all the right places.


Sexy Muscle Girl Reign Posing Naked

shemuscle reign

Reign will have you bowing down to her power and beauty.  This dark and mysterious hottie with the unbelievable body takes pride and genuine pleasure in showing off every inch of her chiseled and ripped body.  You’ll see her insanely muscled thighs ripple and bulge as she poses, flexes and stretches her magnificent, bronzed physique.  Watch as she slithers out of her bra and booty shorts to stroke and massage her bulging and corded biceps, sleek six pack abs, and perky, natural tits.  We know this powerful Reign will be popular regardless of your political affiliation!

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Beautifully Ripped Muscle Lady Nikki

nikki warner shemuscle

Nikki Warner is about to school you in the art of extreme female bodybuilding.  She shows her mastery of muscle in this hot video of her in a teeny bikini and high heels against a library backdrop that sets just the right mood of studious meets lascivious.   Nikki’s ripped and tatted back are positively glorious, as are her powerful thighs and glutes rippling under her soft, bronze skin.  She’s smart, sexy and sculpted, and you’ll want to be her star pupil and stay after class for extra credit.  If you’re extra good, you can study her pretty pussy for the final exam!

She Muscle Videos

Sexy Topless Leena Flexing

shemuscle leena

Luscious Leena with her waterfall of dark hair and seductive attitude is the type of babe you only wish you saw every day at the gym.  But here she is, in full closeup, and you’ve got her all to yourself as you admire her rock hard, bronzed body flexing and posing to show off every powerful ripple.  Watch her peel off that sheer black bodysuit to give you an eyeful of that insanely toned core, those glorious amber tits topped with rock hard nipples and even that pretty little shaved pussy.  You can just imagine how tightly that snatch can squeeze!

Bodybuilder Babe Ms. Giacomo Working Out

Andrea Giacomo is one of the hottest brunette bodybuilders out there! She has spent numerous occasions in the Shemuscle Gym grinding it out during some hard as fuck workouts. Oh, she showed us her pussy and big clit too. I forgot to tell you! :)

Muscle Girl Andrea Masturbating In Gym

andrea shemuscle
Bodybuilding isn’t the only competition where wild and womanly Andrea would get a trophy. If fucking was a sport, this muscled masturbation queen would have a gold medal! With her long, toned legs spreading wide to show off her perfect, pink pussy, you’ll almost forget about her huge, perky tits and impressive biceps. A true goddess of both strength and sex, Andrea’s going to kick her legs up high and work that pussy until she screams. It’s all about penetration with Andrea, and she’s plunging her fingers deep into that soaking pussy until they give her a well-deserved trophy for cumming!

She Muscle Andrea